3 Reasons Why YOU Should Bike

There are SO many reasons to use biking for transportation! Not only is it better for our finances, our health, and our environment, but it is quite enjoyable.

Biking Cycling Commuting


Cycling is extremely cheap for commuters and their governments. Bicycles are virtually free to run, and they wear on our roads much less than cars. Additionally, the mixed-use development that bicycles encourage (smart growth) means that governments have to spend less on fire, police, mail, garbage, water, sewer, and electric services.


It’s pretty obvious: biking is wonderful exercise. The health benefits are even more pronounced when one compares it to the passivity of the car. And what can beat getting your exercise done while actually getting somewhere? All the more time to binge watch your favorite TV show!


We can all breathe better without the exhaust from millions of cars spewing out toxic fumes. Thinner roads made possible by reduced driving allow us to plant more trees. By discouraging the urban sprawl caused by cars, rural forests and farms are protected.

On top of all of this, biking is wonderful fun!

Bo Deppen

Biking to Work

Driving makes you fat and burns your money; biking makes you money and burns your fat!


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