Spring to Spring Trail and East Central Rail Trail

This is just meant to be a short account of a ride that we took a couple weeks ago, but I failed to post on until now due to my apathy. We decided to ride the Spring to Spring Trail which blends into the East Central Regional Rail Trail. We biked to the trail head to add some distance to the relatively short trail, but I would like to note that you could bike from Sunrail if you took this route, or just take this route if you wanted to park and ride. We came from the North and started the trail at Gemini Springs, which has lovely fields and pavilions if you are in the mood for a picnic, but we passed it by so we would have time to stop at Green Springs later.

The trail between Gemini Spring and Green Springs was covered for the most part by the large Live Oaks native to Florida.


There were a few open sections that ran along Doyle Road (also known and Debary Ave. and Dirksen Road in other areas), but these were relatively short and far outweighed by the residential areas that the trail ran through later.

After a relatively short time we arrived at Green Springs, which looks as though it belongs in Jurassic Park, or some other prehistoric movie.

IMG_3843 IMG_3842 IMG_3841

I was mildly amazed that the spring was in fact a light green colour an in the cool 70 degree range like most other springs. However, don’t bring your swimsuits because it is actually illegal to swim in the spring. I would like to point out that this rule does go largely unenforced because we were greeted by the sound of splashes as some locals jumped from an ancient oak tree into the frigid waters.

From Green Springs we continued on to the Rail Trail, which is really just the Spring to Spring trail renamed after the trail intersects Green Springs. Along the way we encountered a sort of public tool kit which I had not seen before:


I question the actual use of the kit in the event of an actual emergency, but applaud Volusia County’s efforts to improve the trail. However, I believe they have a long way to go because there were no bike shops along the trail, and water fountains and bathrooms were only available at Green and Gemini Springs.

After being on the trail for only about half an hour we reached the newly completed 415 bridge:

IMG_3849 IMG_3848 IMG_3847

Unfortunately it stops immediately after, due to the fact that the rest of the trail has yet to be finished. A local informed us the trail actually goes on for a few miles after the “trail closed” sign, but is closed due to the fact that fences have yet to be put in place. As far as we can gather the trail will continue along Maytown Road, and has funding to be extended all the way to Edgewater and eventually Titusville. Being able to bike from Central Florida all the way to the beach would be a dream for us, but I fear that we will both be middle aged men by the time that trail is finished. . .

~ Garett Goodale


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