Welcome to Florida Cyclists! This is a blog run by Bo Deppen, Scott Fickas, and Garett Goodale to advocate cycling and push to make it safer. Here, we will be posting things together. We are friends of about six years and typical partners in crime, often going on assorted cycling trips together. Really, that’s all you need to know to understand this blog, but in the event that you would like some more background information please feel free to keep reading. We want to share our joy in cycling by posting images and details from our rides, as well as political information and news on cycling in Florida. First, a bit about us:

Hey all, my name is Garett Goodale. My sort of “cycling story” started in eighth grade when I broke a vertebrae in my back and was placed in a back brace for six months. During this time, I was supposed to refrain from most physical activity, but was granted the privilege to cycle. At the time I was 5’10” and 120 pounds, so I wasn’t particularly good at cycling, and went on short 3-5 mile treks around the neighborhood. By the time my back healed I was able to go 10-12mph, and had come to enjoy biking almost every day. For my 14th birthday I decided that I wanted to go on a bike trip with my friends, and so we went on some local roads and trails biking less than 10 miles total. We made biking on my birthday a tradition, and have gone on several birthday bike trips since, the last one totaling a little over 60 miles. Aside from our traditional birthday ride, we go on other bike trips to cities with bike friendly down towns, and cycle individually.

Hello, I’m Bo Deppen. I can remember the first time I rode a bicycle, around the age of six or seven. Little did I know that it would become such a large part of my life. Today, I cycle to work and school, often biking downtown to the Farmer’s Market or library and occasionally cycling the day away with my friends. I have discovered cycling as a wonderful alternative to driving. Not only is cycling cleaner, healthier, and cheaper, but it is quite enjoyable. Florida, however, is one of the most dangerous states for bicyclists, and the U.S. is not so great as a whole. My current situation allows me to get to where I need by bike. Many are not blessed with such a privilege. We need to encourage superior infrastructure design and better behaviors on our roads. I hope this blog will allow you to enjoy our rides, get involved, and even take up cycling yourselves.

Hi, my name is Scott Fickas. Cycling has not always been a passion of mine, but has become more and more so lately. I come from a large family with only a few bikes, so having access to one used to be rare. Now that most of my siblings either work or attend college, our bikes are much more available to me. This has given me the opportunity to get more involved in cycling. My friends and I started out biking short trips around town, and have now proceeded to plan trips covering more than 60 miles. I have since realized how much I actually enjoyed cycling. It has also proved to be a handy mode of transportation, since I do not yet have my driver’s license. Overall, I believe cycling to be very fun, healthy, and useful. I hope to continue exploring new areas and covering new trails for many years to come.


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